How to Remove Skunk Smell From Your Dog, Using Home Remedies.

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“Never stand between a dog and the skunk.”

Hi, there are all dog parents and dog owners.

I’m a doggie mom and am very aware of the skunk and the harmful spray they can create. Are you?

My lazy dog lucy got too close to the finish and got sprayed a few times already. Let me tell you; it wasn’t fun.

Skunks are known for spraying their scent in the air when they feel threatened. Dogs who come into contact with this unpleasant scent will usually have an unpleasant reaction themselves – namely, they’ll start smelling like a skunk!

While some commercial products promise to remove the skunk smell from dogs, many of these contain harsh chemicals. Try one of these home remedies if you’re looking for a more natural way to get rid of that potent odor.

Each one is simple and safe to use and should help get your dog back to smelling fresh in no time.

A few simple, safe home remedies can help get rid of the skunk smell from your pup without using harsh chemicals.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to remove that foul-smelling odor from your pup’s fur and skin using everyday household items you probably already have on hand.

Skunk smell is complex to get rid of, but it can be removed with home remedies!

Let’s start with the most asked questions:

Why do our dogs cant control themself?

We often wonder how our dog could get sprayed by a skunk even when training them not to.

We have to realize the dog has no intention of doing it.

It is all because of their Instinct. Dogs have an instinctual response to skunks and other predators. When they encounter the smell, their brains tell them to release the scent themselves to ward off the danger. This reaction is hard-wired into their DNA and cannot be controlled, no matter how well-trained your dog may be.

So, the next time you find yourself dealing with the smelly aftermath of a skunk encounter, don’t get mad or flustered but try one of these simple home remedies to help you get rid of that awful smell. 

Since we can’t control our dog instinct, we can manage that horrific smell.

Are skunks harmful to dogs?

Skunks are pretty looking, in my opinion, and are not harmful to dogs in the sense that; they will hurt or attack them.

However, skunks can cause a dog to smell horribly for some time after being sprayed.

Skunks are also known to carry rabies, so it is essential to ensure your dog is up-to-date on its vaccinations and take caution if you see a skunk in your neighborhood.

Skunks are common in North America and can spray up to 15 feet, so you must keep an eye on your pup whenever they’re outside. They may be curious about the animal and get too close or, worse, try to attack it.

Can skunk spray hurt a dog?

Skunk spray has a toxic component that works like garlic and onion, which has already been proven deadly in dogs. This implies that skunk spray, like onion and garlic, may harm dogs, and dogs might begin to vomit and have diarrhea after ingesting the spray.

So sadly, Yes, skunk spray can hurt a dog, and the smell is incredibly potent and can cause irritation or tear.

If a dog is sprayed in the face, it can cause temporary blindness and respiratory problems.

If a dog is sprayed in the anal area, it can cause extreme discomfort and even infection.

If a skunk has sprayed your dog and none of the conditions mentioned apply, and there is no visible sign of harm, just lay on the couch and relax. I was Kidding! ☺️

Nobody knows your dog better than you. If you need to visit a vet, please do so.

Even my dog got direct hit a few times by skunk; we were pretty fortunate that I could remove the spray myself without a trip to the vet.

How long does it take for the skunk odor to go away on the dog?

The skunk smell can take up to three weeks to go away. But some simple homemade remedies can help speed up the process so that they will bring comfort to your dog in just a few days.

Using one of these remedies below as soon as possible after your dog has been sprayed should help reduce the amount of time they spend smelling like a skunk.

Does tomato juice remove the skunk smell?

I have to be straightforward here.

No tomato juice does not remove the skunk smell. Using tomato juice to remove the skunk smell will only make your dog’s coat sticky and trap the odor.

And on top of it, tomato juice will only spread the scent further into your pet’s fur.

Tomato juice is often recommended to soak the dog in to be washed off with dish detergent and water, but this doesn’t work on dogs, especially if they have been sprayed near their nose or mouth.

As a dog mom, I have to be honest; the tomato juice never worked on my lucy, even if her dog’s coat is short, but it worked to make a red.

A few home remedies seem to work better than tomato juice, so I would suggest trying one of those instead.

You can use this recipe specially formulated by chemist Paul Krebaum:

Mix 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of baking soda, and 1-2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid (Dawn dish soap).

Then apply it to your dog’s coat where a skunk smell is present. Ensure the mix stays on your dog for at least 3-5 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

This mixture, in my opinion, works great but can also irritate the dog’s skin if applied directly, so be careful not to keep this mixture for too long not to cause any harm to your dog.

Would you mind sharing your experience with this skunk removal solution in a comment?

How do you get rid of skunk smell fast without peroxide?

White vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide – they all seem to help get rid of the skunk smell.

However, there is a better solution than peroxide or baking soda to use on your dog if they have gotten a skunk smell on them.

It’s my recipe I discovered and tested a few times on my lazy dog, Lucy. Pardon me; I forgot to introduce the showrunner. She’s a grey-haired rescued pit bull with white suks on her paw. 

She says woof, woof.

When my girlfriend got skunked in the middle of the night, that’s how I developed this DIY remedy. She was just out on a typical night when she went outside via her doggie doorway, which is great for me not to interrupt my sleep when she needs to go.

However, waking up with a distinct smell of skunk odor isn’t amusing. Since I used up the last of my peroxide, I had to develop alternative treatments.

Lucky me!

I hope you have heard of essential oils. They are powerful but also safe and easy to use. My favorite brand is Young Living, not because of great labels but its purest 100% highest grade, toxic-free oils. The best brand of all.

I researched and realized that various essential oils might be used safely on a dog.

But I had a notion that it would turn out to be one of the finest after everything I had used before that one.

One simple, safe home remedy can help get rid of the skunk smell from your dog without bathing or using harsh chemicals.

Since my dog hates baths and her skin is susceptible, this Works the best.

So simply saying you don’t have to use any of those time-consuming methods. I got something better!

Now is time to reveal the fastest and the most effective recipe to remove the horrible skunk smell. 

Only two ingredients to stop a horrible smell on your dog:

Purification essential oil is:

Made from six different essential oil that’s make extremely powerful against odors and safe to use on the dog

  • Citronella
  • Lemongrass
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia
  • Rosemary
  • Lavandin
  • Myrthe

Coconut liquid oil

Coconut oil has been shown in studies to make your dog’s fur look healthier. It may make hair seem shinier and less prone to damage when applied to the skin. 

Just pure coconut liquid oil on your hand palm with three drops of Purification oil, and start rubbing your dog where you can smell the skunk. Oh, wait, don’t forget the rubber gloves or – you know what, if you love your dog, keep going. 😉

Then wait a few minutes and do it again, this time all over your dog. 

Since my dog doesn’t like baths, this method is like a miracle. 

However, if your dog enjoys baths, wait a few hours before washing it with pet shampoo and 2-3 drops of Purification essential oil.

Here is my advice when you use an essential oil on the dog. 

Always dilute all essential oils strongly and use them in moderate amounts, as animals are generally much more sensitive than humans.

That’s why I chose to use liquid coconut oil on my pet to dilute drops of the essential oil.

Be especially careful not to let the essential oils get into your pet’s eyes when applying them to the skin. Same as humans, dogs will have a burning sensation.

I recommend 1 drop of essential oil in 7 drops of base oil for medium and large dogs and 1 drop in 14 drops of base oil for small dogs.

Do not use essential oils on puppies (especially those under eight weeks of age).

How do you Deskunk a house?

Now the fun begins. 

Skunks have one of the most repulsive and difficult-to-remove odors in existence.

Because skunks release their noxious liquid from glands between the base and tail, removing the odor of a skunk is difficult.

The first step you should take is to open the windows to air out the house.

The second step that I found the most sufficient is to use a diffuser with essential oil. 

The best one to kill odors I tried is Purification from Young Living, and yes is the same oil that you have used on your dog.

We can take a spray bottle to try a mixture of 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 cup of cool water by adding 2-5 drops of Purification oil. Spray in the areas where you smell skunk.

The vinegar will help break down the oils causing the smell, and essential oil will help reduce the skunk odor.

You can also spray the same solution around the whole house.

There are a few ways to Deskunk your house after a skunk encounter.

  1. We can also use a commercial product called Skunk-Off, which is available at most pet stores or online. The only problem with commercial products they contain a lot of toxic ingredients, and because the dog’s skin is so delicate, I avoid products like these.
  2. Use the de-skunking solution from the above.

Final thoughts

So, if you’re ever unfortunate enough to encounter a skunk and your dog comes away smelling like one, don’t despair. Try one of these simple remedies and get that skunk odor removal recipe.

We hope this has helped you solve your skunk problem!

Skunks are widespread animals in the United States. 

The best way to protect yourself and your pet are by being prepared, understanding how to remove skunk smell from both humans and pets using home remedies—knowing what to do if your pet gets sprayed with a skunk’s spray, and knowing where to go for more help on removing that stubborn odor.

If I have missed any skunk odor removal tips, or if there’s anything else you want to know about our favorite topic of all time (skunks!), please reach out and ask away! Please also check back here for any updates on

Good luck, my friend, best wishes from me to you!

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